We demonstrated our efficiency and quality of the performed underwater works on great number of tasks in the mutual contentment, including:
• Mapping and the seabed sampling during the construction of the marina "Porto Montenegro"
• Installation of entire marina of floating pontoons and breakwater in "Porto Montenegro"
(concrete weight material 5 t, 7,5 t, 10 t, of mooring line)
• Underwater routing and video recording of water supply at the bottom of Lake Skadar 7.5 km
• Diving activities in HPS Piva on 78 meters of depth - setting of earthing
• Repairing of damage maid on the Bay of Kotor underwater water supply
• Lasting solution of water loss problems related to the dam cap of the Lake Liverovići dam
• Repairing of damage to the dam cap of HPS Trebisnica in Trebinje
• Oraška pit research in Danilovgrad and installation of water pumps for water supply
• Underwater examination, measurements, photo and video recording of damage of sewage
outfalls in Budva (Zavala) length of 2.5 km
• Repairing of the underwater sewage outfalls in the bay of Valdanos
• Underwater video and photo recording, measuring the slope of the seabottom and examination by
mining of seabottom on the site of future bridge in the Bay of Kotor
• Exploration of the Cave-Sopot near Risan in order to find lasting solutions to water supply of
municipalities in Kotor Bay
• Research, recording and taking samples from water source “Bolje sestre” on Skadar Lake in order to
solve the problem of water supply of coastal municipalities
• Setting up a new sewage outfall pipelines and connecting with the old in the bay Trašte 200 meters in length (depth 28-35 m)
• Survey of the state of all docks during the construction of the marina “Porto Montenegro”
• Routing, deepening of the sea-bottom and installation of secondary pipeline of sewage outfall in
a length of 2.5 km in Budva (Zavala).
• Making repairs and reconstruction project of the submarine sewage pipeline at the location
„Porto Montenegro” – Tivat
• Cleaning of solid waste materials and regulating of sea bottom of the marina „Porto Montenegro“
in the area of ​​70,000 sqm. Removed 1100 tons of scrap metal
• Detection and repair of problems with a protective wrap on cap of Lake Livorovići
in Niksic (EPI of MNE)
• Repair of damage to the sewage pipeline in Petrovac
• Detection and repair of the problem of power plant rotor „Slap“ in Danilovgrad
• Works on the detection and on the elimination of causes of hazardous substances
spills from tanks at the Port of Bar
• Removal of rock masses and deepening of the marina „Port of Kotor“ in Kotor
• Underwater search, measurement, video and photo recording and repair of damaged sewer
downhill in the bay Trašte length 3.5 km
• Divers of “AKVANAUT” company participated in numerous rescues of people’s lives and
property in the waters;
• “AKVANAUT” company is the unique diving organization in Montenegro admitted to
the World Diving Federation as an International diving center for divers training
• “AKVANAUT” company is the founder and organizer of the Mediterranean film festival about
the underwater world, being held in Kotor ten years
• Three films that have participated in the World Festival of Underwater Pictures in Antibes - France
were filmed and produced by “AKVANAUT” company