Underwater works that we perform:

Underwater inspection, scanning of objects and terrain:

  • Underwater reviews, video and photo cameras recording to transfer images to the surface for inspection of naval installations, ports, base of bridges, ships ...
  • A system of underwater TV
  • Inspection, mapping of cables, pipelines and similar underwater installations
  • Underwater photography
  • ROV - up to 200m depth (underwater robot with remote control)

Works in ports

  • Positioning and installation of concrete blocks for pontoons
  • Positioning and installation of pontoon moorings
  • Mooring lines installation
  • Construction and repairing of the breakwater
  • Methods of control of concrete and metal structures
  • Survey and determining the condition of docks
  • Underwater cutting of concrete and metal structures
  • Underwater welding of metal structures
  • Deepening of the sea-bottom and the removal of rocks.
  • Cleaning of marinas of scrap metal
  • Underwater formwork and concreting
  • Underwater installation of anchors and drilling holes in concrete.
  • Lifting and transfer loads up to 10 tonnes by special ships.
  • Maintenance of mooring systems, marinas, ports and harbors

Maintenance of ships and other vessels

  • Survey condition of the hull with the detection of damage
  • Cleaning the hull
  • Polishing of boat propeller

Works on underwater pipelines, outfalls and cables

  • Inspection of underwater outfalls, pipelines and cables
  • Repairing damages to the outfalls, pipelines and cables
  • Underwater outfalls, pipelines and cables laying

Geodetic works

  • Sonar
  • GPS Positioning
  • Underwater mapping

Underwater cutting and welding

Underwater formwork and concreting

Underwater blasting to remove underwater (concrete, metal) construction

Finding and removing of sunken objects

Vessels and cargo rescue

Indoor space fully or partially submerged

Hazardous water and hazardous environment